Chunk is the embodiment of all we do together

We’ve sat side by side creating animations since 2010, our first class together in highschool. Over the years we’ve grown together, learnt together, taught together and started this very partnership.

Chunk creates motion design and animation pieces for all, big and small. We can help you communicate your  vision, jazz up your social media or tell your story. We love the scope of animation and wish to share that with you.

Lydia Evans


I have a love for tiny decorative things, intricate things, dainty and detailed things. This applies to desserts, floral bouquets, tiny models of houses, a collection of sweet pots and trinkets, macro photography, and my cat’s tiny nose. I’m driven by my emotions and a compulsion to do well. Sometimes too much, but with experience I’ve learnt to harness these two factors into a motion design super power.

I love making assets, adding character and emotion to each created piece. I love to spend time perfecting the composition, really feeling like I could stand next to it.

Riley McLaren


When there’s a will, there’s a way, and then there’s probably a more efficient way, and I often find myself seeking that way.

So while I don’t have a middle name, Optimisation might as well be it because if I can make one slider be responsible for many properties, you can be sure I will make it so.

Lately though, I’ve been striving to find that balance between efficiency and control, moving back to some more classic handcrafted methods to find the best of both worlds.


My role within Chunk is potentially the most important. As chief wellbeing & OHS officer I ensure all employees are taking regular breaks. Typically I have to make up some sort of emergency like lack of snacks in my bowl, rabbits outside, or wanting to drink from their water glass.

I am also temp manager and make sure all computers are operating at optimal temperature by sleeping on top of them.

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